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Let me introduce myself…

That’s Me!

    Hi! I’m Bayge… (like the color)! I am a Wedding & Couple Photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  “This isn’t always what I have done for a living, but it’s always been what I’ve loved to do!”

   It’s true, I am now living and breathing photography! I am a very artistic person, and photography has always been my preferred medium. But with life circumstances, I wasn’t able to pursue photography as my career in my 20’s. But now being much more established, I’ve made the leap.   
I could get into how I fell in love with photography like every other photographer, but all that really matters, is that I’ve got “the eye” and its my passion. 

   A piece of myself can’t believe that I’m finally here doing this professionally, but an even bigger piece of myself is screaming “Yeesss, girl!!! You are finally are doing what you love!” 

   I am a true romantic through and through. I’ve been madly in love with love, since I can remember. My main goal while working with you, is to recreate the love and intimacy you share with your partner. I want to capture the all those important moments, so you can obsess over them for the rest of your life.  


Us just being us...

    A few more things about me… I’m a mom! My oldest babe is Remmi Nicole. She’s 13 years old, with a fierce Leo spirit. My youngest is Marley Bee, who is 12, and sweet as sugar… funny how that happens. 
    I also have an absolutely amazing fiancé, Elijah Rain. He’s the funniest man I’ve ever met. Which makes me super lucky, since he’s had me laughing non-stop since our day one. He supports everything I do to the fullest. You could say he’s my biggest fan! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. He’s also my assistant from time to time, so you may get to meet him for yourself!

Other Things ABOUT ME 

I’m plant obsessed. I’ve completely run out of room in my house to add any more, but I keep trying.

I like all kinds of music. I love going to concerts and music festivals. I will travel extremely far, just to see a two hour concert.

We have two Poodles, three hairless Sphynx cats, and one skunk…. Yes, you read that right, a skunk!

I love to travel and experience different food when I do. Eating good food is a reason for living, am I right?!

I have a deep love for animals, especially the creepy ones. Bats are still my favorite (despite covid).      

I grew up cooking in the kitchen with my mother, since I could walk. She now is the owner of her very own successful restaurant. I couldn’t be more proud!

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