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Get to know more about my photography approach


That’s Me!

   When photographing you and your lover, I have several goals in mind. 

   First, is to make you feel comfortable as I can. I do that best by just being myself. I want to create a comfortable safe space, where you feel free to be yourselves. 

   Second is to capture real loving moments between the two of you. I do that by giving you prompts to do together while taking your photo. An example would be, “hold hands and walk towards me, but while doing it, bump into one another.” Another would be to “Wrap your arms around one another and sway dramatically back and forth... Now give her a bunch of kisses, start at her forehead and move all the way down to her neck!” My kind of pictures, are one that make you feel, not just see. I like to show that raw emotion and love you posses for your partner. 

   Lastly, simply have a good time.  So let's toss our hair a bit, laugh in the sun, and get out feet dirty! I know having your picture taken can be nerve wracking. But trust me, once you leave you will be saying “That was super fun!” 

   I’m just a down to earth, little hippie chick, that will create a safe, comfortable space for you and your family to make memories and pictures you’ll cherish for a life time.


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